Final Cut Pro X

Professional video editing app that comes with a number of effects and 3D rendering features


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Final Cut Pro X is the latest version of Appleā€™s video editing software used for both basic and professional video editing.



Final cut pro X saves work automatically at periodic intervals. This autosave feature prevents loss of work midway.

Plugin expansion

To account for the limited options to choose from in editing videos such as limited transition effects and titles, Final Cut Pro X comes equipped with the option of downloading and adding extra effects from the expanded plugins database.

Background rendering

To save on time when editing videos, Final Cut Pro X renders videos in the background allowing the user to do other tasks with the software at the same time.

Intuitive learning support

Learning how to edit videos using the software is easier for beginners since the software comes equipped with intuitive learning support which include video walkthroughs and how-to articles.

Drag and drop import

To add videos for editing on the software, users simply have to drag the video saved locally on the computer and drop the video on the timeline with ease.

Immersive video editing

Users can edit and create 360 degree videos where a single view can be edited in every possible direction. This forms part of the update from previous versions of Final Cut Pro.

Advanced exporting options

Exporting of finished products comes equipped with different exporting configurations that fit different target platforms.

Diverse media file type support

The software is able to handle a diverse range of both audio and video file formats such as mp3, mp4, aac, and wav easily without having to convert them to a supported file format.

Multiple project support

Users who have different video editing tasks can work on them all. Final Cut Pro X supports creation of different projects at different editing levels.

Lightning speed

Video editing, particularly when it involves large files, is a time consuming process since a lot of work goes into making the video editable and converting it into a usable file. Final Cut Pro X comes with lightning speed video editing possibilities through smart features such as pausing rendering when editing to give faster preview times as well as background rendering to enable multitasking.


  • The limiting of pre-installed plugins and extensions makes the app smaller, hence easy to install.
  • Expanded downloadable plugins give more choice to users of the software.
  • Multiple media file type support.
  • Background rendering enables users to multi-task on different projects.
  • Third party software integration.
  • Drag and drop importing of videos makes creation of new projects or adding new videos to existing projects easy.
  • Customer support and tutorials are available which make use of the software easy even for beginners.


  • Only available on Mac software
  • Does not have cloud based storage, which makes simultaneous editing by different users difficult.
  • Does not feature advanced audio editing capabilities.
  • Requires third party software integration to increase productivity.
  • Advanced editing features were removed with the latest software update.
  • The initial cost of acquisition is quite costly.
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